Diversity makes us stronger

At Prüfer & Partner diversity is not a cliché. You will hear that immediately at reception. This is because 9 languages are spoken in our office. The fact that everybody understands one another nevertheless is part of our culture. This is because in a sector in which conflicts are the order of the day, cooperation, respect and team spirit are essential for common success.


For us diversity means diversity in the truest sense of the word. On a daily basis we are all striving for an open and tolerant environment in which every client, every single colleague, every supplier feels comfortable in their diversity regardless of origin, sex, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or world view. In our office older and young colleagues with or without impairment, from near and far work together quite naturally. We not only appreciate and welcome this diversity, we promote it.

Diversity in language. Ideas and culture

Diversity in language. Ideas and culture

In our office nine other languages are spoken along with German and English.

Diversity in ideas

Each team member is involved in the further development of the office, nobody needs to hide away with their ideas and suggestions. Growth, strength and motivation are only possible through openness and freedom of thought.

Diversity in culture

We live in a globalized world, we work in an internationally oriented sector and various nationalities work in our office. This diversity is what enables us to think outside the box each day and solve the problems and cases of our clients with a world view.


For years sustainable working and the inclusion of ecological factors in our business decisions have been established practice at Prüfer & Partner. In both small and large decisions we take care to fulfil our responsibility to society and the environment. Our aim is still to be one of the CO2-neutral offices in Germany in the future.

Virtual meetings

We are increasingly using virtual meetings with clients, external colleagues and authorities to avoid business trips.

CO2 offset for flights

For each unavoidable flight we donate a percentage of the cost of the flight to CO2 offsetting projects.

Fair trade office material

As far as possible we purchase our products and office equipment from regional and Fairtrade sources.

Digital file management

Last but not least, our fully digitized file management and principally internal and external electronic communication have helped us to reduce our paper consumption by more than 88 percent.

Use of bicycles

We attend meetings and run errands in the immediate vicinity by bicycle or use public transport. We have thus been able to save a considerable number of car journeys.