Competition law/antitrust law (IP)

The law against unfair competition (UWG) ensures free competition and is a tool against unfair business and advertising practices. The law against unfair competition can be used to secure your interests and to protect your customers from frauds, plagiarisms and unfair use of the reputation of an original product. Our consultancy in this area comprises:

Our areas:

  • Advice regarding your company communications and examination of the company communications of your competitors
  • Supporting advertising campaigns and examining the campaigns of your competitors
  • Proceeding against competition infringements and conducting case
  • Protection against unjustified attacks


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Antitrust law Paying attention to the complex German and European antitrust law is extremely important for the drafting and negotiation of your company contracts. In the case of an infringement antitrust law threatens the ineffectiveness of the entire contract as far as demands for compensatory damages by the contracting partners and payment of fines to the antitrust law authority. Our advice comprises the following measures: assessment of your contracts with regard to the valid antitrust law Drafting of new contracts with regard to the valid antitrust law Support in relevant negotiations under antitrust law Examination of the risks of a compulsory licence Examination of court requirements and licencing obligations according to FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory)

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