Aktuelles | 28. 6月 2023

Prüfer Experts Listed as Best Lawyers of the Year 2023 by Handelsblatt

We are very pleased that our patent attorneys Dr. Dorothea Hofer, Mr. Jürgen Feldmeier as well as Dr. Andreas Oser are listed as beste Anwälte des Jahres 2023 (best attorneys of the year 2023) in the ranking published by Handelsblatt on June 16, 2023.

It is a great honor for our firm that three of our experts are represented in this prestigious ranking. We would like to thank our colleagues for the numerous recommendations and the good cooperation!

We look forward to continuing to provide our clients with the best possible support in all intellectual property matters and to protect their rights.

About the Best Lawyers ranking by Handelsblatt
In cooperation with the US publishing House Best Lawyers, the renowned business magazine Handelsblatt has determined the well-known ranking of the best lawyers and business law firms in Germany for the year 2023. The current edition in Handelsblatt is based on the 15th edition of the Best Lawyers rating.

In the procedure, lawyers are asked which competitors they can particularly recommend. The selection procedure follows the conviction that lawyers themselves are best able to judge which colleagues are particularly qualified for certain areas of law. Lawyers can be nominated by anyone except themselves.

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